Drag Race UK just crowned Britain’s first drag superstar and fans are gagging

Baga Chipz, Divina De Campo and The Vivienne during the final of Drag Race UK

The results are in: The Vivienne has been named as the first winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, and fans are going wild.

The Vivienne fought off competition from Divina De Campo and Baga Chipz to snatch the crown.

Speaking at the beginning of tonight’s finale, The Vivienne said: “If you think I’ve gone through all these challenges to go home without a crown you can piss right off.”

Unsurprisingly, Drag Race UK fans have a lot of feelings about the finale.

For the final challenge, the queens were asked to compose a solo verse as well as learn a complicated dance routine to RuPaul’s song ‘Rock It (To The Moon)’ with the help of AJ Pritchard of Strictly Come Dancing fame.

All three queens also joined RuPaul and Michelle Visage on their podcast to talk about their time competing on the show.

Drag Race UK finalists were asked to reflect on their time on the show.

The Vivienne, Divina De Campo and Baga Chipz took to the runway one final time, and were joined in the studio by the eliminated queens alongside Alan Carr and Graham Norton.

The finalists were also asked to reflect on their time on the show and to offer some advice to their younger selves.

Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK The Vivienne said: “You’re going to grow up with the most amazing family and the most amazing mum. And then you’re going to see the lights of the big city and you’re going to make some wrong decisions.”

She said those wrong decisions would get her “in a lot of trouble” with her health, friends and home life.

“But you’re going to be doing what you love to do and that is just going to be such a hell of a ride because you’re going to end up on Drag Race with all these amazing people; and that is better than anything that anyone could ever give you.”

Before the winner was announced, The Vivienne and her competitors were also asked why they should take the crown.

“I’ve shown you from challenge to challenge, from runway to runway that I am a strong queen, a hell of an entertainer, and a really funny person,” The Vivienne said.

“But apart from that skill set I really think I bring a humbleness, relatability and likeability to this craft.”

The Vivienne had praise heaped on her by the judges before she was crowned winner. Graham Norton said she “has it all.”

“You know she can serve a look, she can deliver a line, she’s without doubt a terrific drag queen, drag act.”

The Vivienne is ‘a great representative’ of the competition, RuPaul says.

RuPaul said she is “a perfect example of the 21st Century British Queen.

“I think she is a great representative of what this competition can turn out.”

The judges ultimately chose The Vivienne and Divina De Campo as the two final queens to battle each other in the lip-sync, where they performed to ‘I’m Your Man’ by Wham!

As winner of Drag Race UK, The Vivienne wins the crown as well as a trip to Hollywood where she will create her own digital series.

Since it debuted on October 3, Drag Race UK has been a huge success – and has grabbed the attention of people across the UK.

The BBC Three show has had almost 10 million requests on iPlayer and is the most popular BBC Three Entertainment programme since the channel moved online in 2016.