Comedian’s hilarious viral video imagines what it’d be like to date Shawn Mendes

Comedian Benito Skinner has parodied signer Shawn Mendes and now everyone is screaming in gay. (Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Twitter)

A video of a comedian impersonating Shawn Mendes has gone viral and there’s a chance he’s actually the singer but from a parallel universe.

In short, it involves a lot of vests, Starbucks lattes, snickerdoodle Yankee candles, Harry Potter-themed Moleskin books and the word ‘fabulous’.

Social media comedian Benito Skinner went viral earlier this year for his equally disturbingly on-point impression of Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski

And this time around, a squeaky voice, Skinner impersonated the ‘Señorita’ singer.

‘Do you want to spend the day with Shawn Mendes?’

Proclaiming some spot-on impressions such as “I’m actually a cat person” or “Taylor [Swift] is absolutely a sweetheart”, it was all oddly accurate.

He takes the viewer on a date around Brooklyn, New York City, which is so “rock and roll”.

Going ice-skating, grabbing Starbucks caramel brulee lattes before lounging in bed with ‘Mendes’, complete with slogan-tee vest.

He writes you a song which is a mix of “RnB and vocals, it’s called ‘Girly'”.

And, well, you have to see it for yourself, to be blunt.

Writing lyrics into his “Harry Potter-themed moleskin” notebook (he’s a Ravenclaw), Skinner somehow gets exactly right the musician’s textbook floppy hair and voice.

‘SCREAMING’: Instagram and Twitter believe Benito Skinner deserves an Oscar.

Skinner’s impression pretty much had his following screaming in gay.

“You swinging your leg over the bike is sending me!” said one Instagram suer.

Although, some commented that the Canadian comedian didn’t include an impression of Mendes’ infamous kissing video.

After constant paparazzi snaps of Shawn Mendes and singer Camila Cabello cosying up with one another, the pair dropped an Instagram video that traumatised most of Twitter.

“So, we just wanted to show you how we really kiss,” Shawn continued, and the pair lock-lips, well, “like fish”.

And what Mendes and Cabello did defied description: