Children’s book by anti-trans group Transgender Trend compared to ‘terrorist propaganda’

Transgender Trend

A new children’s book from anti-trans group Transgender Trend has been compared to “terrorist propaganda” in a viral tweet.

The UK-based pressure group is best known for sending discredited and controversial research packs to school teachers that claims it is better to refuse to affirm the gender of trans children.

The new book, My Body is Me!, is being marketed by Transgender Trend as a “body positive” children’s book by author Rachel Rooney.

But in a viral tweet, a non-binary Twitter user called out the intent of the book.

“If you see a kid with this book, it’s produced by TERFs to try and stop kids questioning gender,” they tweeted.

“If you wouldn’t let your kids read terrorist propaganda, don’t let them read this.”


Rooney told The Times that she was “concerned” about gay children learning about trans identities.

“I’m concerned children who may grow up to be gay or who are discovered to be on the autism spectrum are learning that the reason they may feel confused or different is because they were born in the wrong body,” said Rooney, whose Twitter bio says she is a “full-time woman” with the pronouns “Me/Myself/I”.

“It’s impossible to have the ‘wrong’ body. It’s a very worrying message we’re sending to children,” Rooney added.

Transgender Trend’s founder, Stephanie Davies-Arai, told The Times she was also concerned about the growing use of the Drag Queen Story Time organisation in schools and at public libraries.

Multiple anti-gay groups have protested the existence of Drag Queen Story Time events and tried to have them shut down, including One Million Moms and Warriors For Christ, saying that they exist to “indoctrinate” children into being gay.

Obviously, children cannot be “indoctrinated” into being gay or bisexual – any more than they can be “indoctrinated” into being transgender.