National Education Union u-turns after sharing glowing review of anti-trans children’s book

Copies of the book published by Transgender Trend are displayed on a table

The National Education Union (NEU) has withdrawn an “unwittingly” positive review of an anti-trans children’s book created by the lobby group Transgender Trend.

The union, which represents the majority of teachers and education professionals in the UK, included a book titled Sex and Gender – An Introductory Guide by Phoebe Rose in the September/ October issue of its magazine Educate.

The book was described as a “fantastic resource” that answers “questions about sex and gender in an easy-to-access, non-threatening way”.

Sex and Gender – An Introductory Guide was published last year by My Body Is Me Publishing, an offshoot of the anti-trans lobby group Transgender Trend.

Transgender Trend insists that trans children do not exist, that “gender identity ideology” harms kids and that trans rights pose a risk to cisgender women and girls.

The group was initially “thrilled” by the promotion of its book, which tells teenagers that gender is a “made up” concept that enforces stereotypes.

However, when asked by PinkNews whether the recommendation of a book by an anti-trans group was intentional, an NEU spokesperson said that it would be removing the review.

The spokesperson said: “The book review in question has been removed from the online version of Educate, and the process for selecting books and authors for NEU publications will be reviewed.

“The concepts in the book are not consistent with the union’s policy on LGBT+ inclusive education and support for trans and non-binary students.

“The union regrets that it has, unwittingly, through the publication of a positive review of this book, appeared to support the ideas in this book.”

Kacey De Groot, a trans woman and equalities seat holder for LGBTQ+ members on the union’s governing body NEU Executive, wrote on Twitter that she was “lost for words” that “a tiny number of transphobes within NEU have humiliated the union and undone so much hard work by supporting a resource from a transphobic organisation that has no place in education”.

She added: “All of the NEU policy on LGBTQ+ rights is progressive and supportive of the educators we represent, and the students we teach. The LGBTQ+ members will be getting answers as to how this was allowed to happen.”

Transgender Trend tweeted it was “disappointing” the NEU had removed the book review.