Sisters from viral meme literally – not figuratively, literally – don’t know the meaning of homophobia

Haim members had no clue what homophobia meant and it sent Twitter into oblivion. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Homophobia – dislike or prejudice against gay people – is over. Cancelled.

Gone. Destroyed. Over. Cancel the parades, take down the LGBT+ Pride flags.

None of it is necessary anymore.

For we have finally encountered real life human beings who sincerely do not know what it is.

“Home of phone”, as Deserie Perlmutter, 18, said, a trainee real estate agent based in New York City, during an Instagram questions and answers session with her fans.

She’s one third of a trio of sisters that, for their mild resemblance to the band Haim, became a meme sensation on Twitter.

But the slot has since gone viral on Twitter – tallying around 72,000 likes in two days – after a fan asked her if they were homophobic.

‘[Homophobia is] like, “do you like girls.”‘

“What does home of phone mean?” Deserie questioned.

“That means,” said Delilah, CEO of MTO Apparel and Deserie’s twin sister, “I don’t know.”

One of the sisters then added as she squinted at the screen: “‘Are you a homophobic?’

“It’s like, ‘do you like girls.'”

“I think it has something to do with LBG sh**.”

They then proceed to Google what ‘homophobic’ means and Deserie adamantly stated: “First of all, I’m not that, that’s why I don’t know what it means.”

Perlmutter signed the first real estate contract at Stonewall.

Twitter implodes as the sisters clarify they know what homophobia is and love ‘LBG sh**’.

“This generation shall lead the revolution”, announced one user, and everyone embraced the meme girls all grown up.

Another added: “Home of phobia? I don’t know her.”

The sisters know knowing what homophobia meant basically sent Twitter into the depths of all nine circles of hell and back.