WWE star fiercely shuts down ‘homophobic moron’ who called him a ‘Canadian f****t’

WWE wrestler Sami Zayn shut down a homophobe hacking him at a house show. (Screen capture via Twitter)

A World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star fiercely shut down a “homophobic moron” at a show in Florida, US, last weekend after a fan allegedly shouted “Canadian faggot” from the crowd.

Footage of wrestler Sami Zayn, known offstage as Rami Sebei, confronting the spectator went viral on Twitter at a WWE: Live event in Daytona.

Witnesses claimed that the man hurled homophobic slurs at Zayn as he made his way into the ring and continued doing so as he walked by.

But the Smackdown star confronted the homophobic heckler about it.

‘Here’s a tip: Don’t yell homophobic comments to Sami Zayn.’

Zayn, 35, called the man a “homophobic moron” and demanded arena security “get him out of my f***ing face”, several mobile phone videos showed.

The man was later escorted out of the Ocean Centre by security, witness John Betz said.

Zayn slyly commented later: “Hey, is this seat empty now?

“What happened?”

‘Sami did the right thing,’ says WWE fan and witness. 

Betz told the Daily Mirror: “There were kids sitting all around and to be acting like a full blown a**hole was not cool.

“Sami did the right thing by giving the guy one quick moment to shut up, he chose not to.

“It’s not hard to not be racist, sexist or homophobic at a wrestling show.”

Zayn was standing ringside as the manager for Shinsuke Nakamura, who wrestled Bray Wyatt at the house show in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The show continued as expected following the heckler’s removal.