WWE star Xavier Woods brilliantly shuts down homophobe who called his cereal gay

A WWE star has called out a homophobe for claiming that his wrestling-themed cereal is a gay conspiracy.

Xavier Woods, real name Austin Watson, hit back at a man who said WWE’s cereal branded around his team, Booty O’s, was “subliminal gay crap.”

Booty O’s is the official cereal of The New Day wrestling group, which includes Big E, Kofi Kingston and Woods.

Dahnell Ben Yasharahla took to Facebook to warn people that the breakfast staple was “homosexuality food” rounding off the rant with the bizarre claim that, “I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some kind of gay drug in it.”

But Woods was having none of it, telling the man: “Let’s say that this man’s fever dream was a real thing. I don’t understand his problem with being gay?

“What happened to Everybody Love Everybody?”

The homophobic rant began with: “Protect your children from this gay subliminal crap.”

The bright colours and unicorn horns on the cereal’s box were also apparently evidence of a big gay conspiracy.

The man continued: “WWE is gay and this group is gay. If you promote this crap then your [sic] gay too. SMH you butt bandits.”

His other odd social media posts explained just exactly how wrestling is supposedly a way of brainwashing people into being gay.


“Wrestling is for homosexuals. Why would you want to watch two men oiled up in tights throw each other around,” he continued.

“I mean come now, they’ve even got other people joining it just to touch another man.”

The man’s views on other cereal creations are not clear.

Image: WWEThe New Day are four-time tag-team champions and were collectively named Wrestler of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine in 2015.

The cereal is a sweet, crunchy oat cereal with marshmallows in the shape of unicorn horns, trombones and booties.

Booties for breakfast, anyone?