New Tory MP applied ‘in error’ for LGBT+ candidates’ fund

New Tory MP Imran Ahmad Khan with Boris Johnson

A Conservative MP has said he was named as an openly gay member of Parliament incorrectly, after applying for support from a fund intended for out LGBT+ candidates.

In the wake of the election, the LGBT+ Conservatives had celebrated the election of new MP for Wakefield, Imran Ahmad-Khan, who was thought to be the first out gay Muslim MP in the world.

Reports of openly gay Muslim MP ‘are incorrect’

The new MP had applied to receive support from the group’s LGBT+ candidates’ fund, which is intended to increase representation in Parliament.

A condition of applying for the fund is identifying as LGBT+ and being “out” of the closet.

However, Khan said on Wednesday that reports about his sexuality are incorrect, after a correction was issued by the LGBT+ Conservatives.

Khan said: “I have seen recent inaccurate press reports saying I am openly gay.

“Here’s a release from LGBT Conservatives correcting the record. I will not comment further on this matter.

“I am in Parliament to serve the people who elected me, whatever their race, religion, gender, sexuality, or politics. I promise to do my best!”

Candidate applied ‘in error’ for LGBT+ candidates’ fund

In a statement, the LGBT+ Conservatives said: “Since Imran’s historic victory in Wakefield, we have been made aware that the application made in his name to the LGBT+ Conservatives Candidates’ Fund, which only supports ‘out’ LGBT+ candidates standing for election, was done in error by his campaign team along with several applications to various sources of campaign funding.

“This error meant we incorrectly described him as an ‘out LGBT candidate’ which an application to our fund gives us permission to do.

“This description was picked up by various media sources and we are happy to correct the record. We apologise unreservedly for the incorrect reference.”

The LGBT+ Conservatives added: “Imran fully endorses the values of the Conservative Party and LGBT+ Conservatives that include a resolute commitment to equal treatment and the elimination of discrimination against anyone on the grounds of their race, religion, sex, orientation, or any other such characteristic.”

Despite the confusion over Khan, the Conservative Party continues to have the largest contingent over out lawmakers in the House of Commons – though none of them are transgender, non-binary or LGB women.