Dancing on Ice stars Ian ‘H’ Watkins and Matt Evers want to ‘add romance’ and make their routines ‘steamier’

Steps singer Ian H Watkins same-sex Dancing on Ice routing with skater Matt Evers

Dancing on Ice stars Ian ‘H’ Watkins and Matt Evers have asked producers to “add some romance” to their dance routines to make them “a little steamier.”

Steps singer Watkins made history with his dance partner Evers last weekend when they performed a same-sex dance routine on ITV’s Dancing on Ice. The groundbreaking moment marked the first time a same-sex pairing was featured in the competition.

Evers has now revealed that he and Watkins have approached producers and asked them to give a bit more heat to their dance performances.

Dancing on Ice stars want to make their same-sex dance routines ‘a little steamier.’

“We have spoken to producers to see if we can make the routines a little steamier,” Evers told The Sun.

“Perhaps take it up a notch and add some romance,” he continued.

“It’s down to them though. Last week we tested the waters and we were overwhelmed by the response from the viewers. Having a same-sex couple on the show means so much to so many people – I didn’t realise how huge it would be.”

Last Sunday (January 6), Watkins and Evers left LGBT+ fans everywhere overwhelmed by their beautiful and powerful same-sex dance routine on Dancing on Ice.

We have spoken to producers to see if we can make the routines a little steamier.

It also moved judge John Barrowman, who is openly gay, to tears.

Although Matt and H’s debut performance didn’t exactly wow the judges, who gave them 25 points out of a possible 40, viewers were overjoyed and took to Twitter to share their happiness.

16 people submitted an official complaint over the same-sex dance routine.

Unsurprisingly, the same-sex dance routine ruffled a few feathers. 16 people took the time out of their days to submit an official complaint to Ofcom over the routine.

Ofcom made clear in a statement to Metro.co.uk: “The selection and pairing of contestants is an editorial matter for ITV.

“Our rules do not discriminate between opposite-sex and same-sex couples.”

Speaking after the performance, Watkins told the judges: “[It was] emotional, because I have wanted this for so long and it means so much to so many people and the world is ready for this.”

Matt added: “I just have to say thank you to the network, thank you to ITV and thank you to everybody at home that is accepting of this because this is normal.”