Lady Gaga fans report rampant ‘rah-rah-rah’-ing after new song Stupid Love leaks online 

Lady Gaga fans were sufficiently gagged after a leak of her new song, 'Stupid Love', leaked. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

“Existence is suffering” is the common translation of the First Noble Truth of Buddhism, but after Lady Gaga’s first song in four years, ‘Stupid Love’, leaked, we’re afraid that tenant must be revised.

The 3:21 clip radiated across Twitter in the late hours yesterday, causing mass hysteria, screams to leave the body without a sound being made and several cases of rampant “rah-rah-rah”-ing.

Twitter users began a witch hunt to locate, pin down and praise the “gay intern” of Gaga’s that leaked the song.

We are eternally grateful, gay intern.

Fans ‘freak out, freak out’ over first Lady Gaga song in four years. 

The leak eclipsed a shorter snippet of the song that was leaked last weekend.

Standing at just 35 seconds-long, it proved enough to plunge Little Monsters into madness, while others noticed that the pop queen was blasting the song from her iPhone back in Halloween.

Many users have already reported seeing the clip be taken down “due to copyright”, while Gaga herself has not responded to the leak.

But let us pray for the gay intern’s livelihood, after they let slip the upbeat tune that appears to be a throwback to her early style.

As the clip saved us from the sense of impending oblivion that has come to be called life, everyone – from Canadian radio stations to RuPaul’s Drag Race – freaked out.

While fan website Gaga Now reported that, tucked inside the code of the singer’s website, it appears that ‘Stupid Love’ is very much on the verge of officially dropping.

But, as one user pointed out: