Nigella Lawson says ‘trans rights’ as she comes out swinging in support of they/them pronouns

Nigella Lawson. (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Did…. Nigella Lawson, beloved British food writer, say, at the top of her lungs, “trans rights”?

You bet she did, after the 60-year-old proved that by supporting the LGBT+ community you are blessed with the ability to never age. Science.

Lawson yesterday shared a New York Times article about how “they” can be used in the singular, despite what some not-at-all transphobic people who do not have a degree in linguistics say.

The ally leaps out!

Twitter, of course, had no choice but to stan Nigella Lawson, and stan they did. 

The celebrity chef previously donated to a fundraiser to pay for the funeral of a trans man whose loved ones refused to claim his body.

She also one said that all women should fall in love with someone of the same sex. We continue to stan.

Nigella Lawson. (Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

Nigella Lawson. (Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

Moreover, she once said she is a “gay man in a woman’s body” back in 2016, a remark made by her late husband, John Diamond, for her affinity with the queer community.

Lawson’s support for the trans and non-binary community comes at a troubling time, where anti-trans violence continues to surge, toxic factions of the community campaign against them and trans people are pelted with questions and mockery about their right to exist.