Grindr shuts down Eminem’s feeble attempt to pander to the gays with his Dolly Parton Challenge


The official Grindr Twitter account has thrown serious shade at Eminem over his bizarre attempt at the Dolly Parton Challenge.

The challenge, named after its originator, encourages people to share four photos of themselves representing their LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder personas.

It has since taken on a life of its own, with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Andy Cohen making their own versions of the Dolly Parton Challenge.

Eminem decided to have a shot at the Dolly Parton Challenge, but the rapper swapped out Tinder for Grindr.

For some reason, Eminem – whose album Songs to Be Murdered By topped the UK chart last Friday – decided he needed to get in on the fun. But he couldn’t just do the standard challenge; instead, he swapped out Tinder for Grindr, because Eminem is, of course, notoriously popular with the LGBT+ community and definitely doesn’t have a history of using homophobic slurs.

“Did I do this right?” the Detroit, US, musician tweeted, using a photo of the young naked Slim Shady holding a firecracker for his Grindr image.

The official Grindr account did not hold back in its response. In just three letters, Grindr shut Eminem’s gay joke down in the best possible way.

Grindr simply shared a screenshot of Eminem’s Dolly Parton Challenge and wrote: “who?”

Hilariously, the tweet – which has been liked more than 100,000 times – has been met with joy by queer fans and been widely slammed by Eminem stans, who are not happy at all that he has become the subject of the joke.

Eminem’s original Dolly Parton Challenge attracted both criticism and praise from followers in what may have been a subtle nod to the time he said he used Grindr after his divorce.

The rapper has a history of using anti-LGBT+ slurs.

Eminem has had a turbulent relationship with the LGBT+ community. His track record includes dropping an album which included anti-gay attacks on fellow rapper Tyler, The Creator.

In 2015, he also attacked Caitlyn Jenner, calling her “a b***h” and deadnaming her in a transphobic freestyle rap.

He previously claimed that his use of slurs such as “d**e” and “f****t” were not actually aimed at the LGBT+ community.