Billy Porter drops by Sesame Street in his iconic tuxedo gown, and conservatives are not happy

Billy Porter

Billy Porter has dropped by Sesame Street in the iconic tuxedo gown he wore to last year’s Academy Awards for a guest appearance on the long-running kids’ show.

Sesame Street shared photos of the Pose star on Facebook and Twitter on the show’s set.

“Billy Porter bringing those fierce vibes to Sesame Street,” they posted, alongside a flame emoji and a hashtag about the show’s upcoming 51st season. They have not yet confirmed when the LGBT+ icon will appear on the show.

He was photographed outside at the most famous address in the fictional territory, 123 Sesame Street. He also posed for pictures with Elmo and at Big Bird’s nest.

Billy Porter’s visit to Sesame Street was an ‘iconic day.’

“Y’all, talk about iconic,” Porter wrote on Twitter. “I was tickled to meet Elmo and the gang @Sesame Street.”

Meanwhile, Sesame Street wrote on Twitter: “An iconic day with an iconic person.” They also thanked Porter for dropping by.

Unsurprisingly, conservatives aren’t able to handle just how iconic Porter looks in his Sesame Street photos, and are already kicking up a fuss about his appearance before the episode has even aired.

A petition urging the show’s creators to axe the episode has been signed more than 3,000 times, and insists that parents are “outraged” by the performer’s appearance.

Billy Porter Elmo

Billy Porter with Elmo (Facebook)

Unfortunately, PinkNews was unable to track down the world’s smallest violin for the disgruntled conservatives.

Billy Porter is well-known for his incredible outfits.

Porter has become well-known over the last couple of years on the awards circuit for his incredible outfits, which turn dressing up into an art form.

Earlier this week, he turned up to the Grammys wearing a “disco glam” jumpsuit complete with a revolving crystal fringed hat.

The hat was fitted with a motorised fringed curtain, which slowly opened to reveal a shock of blue eye shadow and a single crystal tear.

“Get on my nerves and the curtain closes,” Porter wrote on Instagram.

Porter’s look was inspired in part by Billie Eillish, the biggest winner at the 2020 Grammys.

His stylist Sam Ratelle told Vanity Fair that the two Billies “had a beautiful moment on the red carpet at the [American Music Awards] where they both gushed over each other’s hats”.

“Billie was wearing a Victorian inspired beekeeper bonnet with netting covering her face,” he continued.

“After the event, Billy jokingly told me he loved her look but after 30 years of working his way to Hollywood ‘Y’all are gonna see my face!’”

Porter’s entire outfit was created by Baja East designer Scott Studenberg, who debuted a static version of the hat at his pre-fall 2020 show.