Katie Hopkins tricked by YouTube prankster into picking up ‘C**t’ award and it’s iconic

Katie Hopkins fake award

A YouTuber claimed that he got Katie Hopkins to fly to Prague in order to accept a fake award called the Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy.

In a YouTube video, Josh Pieters revealed that he emailed Hopkins and told her that she had been selected as the recipient of the trophy by a made-up organisation called the Cape Town Collective for the Freedom of Speech.

He said Hopkins was “delighted” to accept the award and promptly arranged to travel to Prague for the fake awards ceremony.

Pieters and his team pulled out all the stops to ensure the fake award seemed as authentic as possible. They even hired actors to come in and pretend to be members of their society at the event.

Katie Hopkins flew to Prague to accept the fake award, according to YouTuber Josh Pieters.

When Hopkins arrived at the hotel in Prague, Pieters delivered a speech designed to ensure that Hopkins didn’t suspect a thing.

“We need freedom of speech,” he told the audience, made up of Hopkins and actors, “from politicians to journalists to campaign groups to creatives, YouTubers, to you in this room, without being able to say what we think, without being able to mock other people, without being able to attack other people, we are not free.

“Which brings me to Katie Hopkins, the recipient of the Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy. I cannot think of a more worthy recipient, for the tide is changing,” he said.

You might wonder if this if this is a bit mean. For a moment I did too. But then she made her speech, and told us what she really thought.

Pieters continued: “The international battle against the white brigade is being won, the snowflakes are melting, and Katie Hopkins in the United Kingdom and far beyond should take a great deal of credit.”

The sting in the tail came when Hopkins stood up to collect her award. Standing in front of a screen, the letters “C**T” appeared – standing for the Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy.

“You might wonder if this if this is a bit mean. For a moment I did too,” Pieters said in a voice over on the YouTube video. “But then she made her speech, and told us what she really thought.”

In her speech, she revealed that it is “strange” to hear nice things being said about her. She proceeded to make hateful and degrading remarks about Muslims and people with disabilities in a deeply offensive speech.

At the end of the video, Pieters said in a voice over: “The truth is, there’s an awful lot of hate in this world, and people like Katie Hopkins spread that hate and make money from it. And she can do that, because she has freedom of speech.

“But, so do I, so I used it to combat her spreading of hatred by playing on her ego and making her look a little bit silly.”

Hopkins was suspended by Twiter this week after she violated rules on hateful conduct.

The video was uploaded on the same day that Hopkins had her Twitter account suspended after she violated rules on hateful conduct.

Hopkins regularly used her Twitter account to take shots at LGBT+ people, refugees, Black and Muslim people – basically anybody who isn’t white, cis, straight and/or Donald Trump.

All of Hopkins’ tweets appear to have been deleted, save for a single retweet of a critic accusing her of inciting racial hatred. It isn’t clear whether Twitter or Hopkins cleared the feed.

A Twitter spokesperson told PinkNews: “Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us – abuse and harassment have no place on the service.

“We take enforcement action against any account that is violative of our rules – which includes violations of our hateful conduct policy and abusive behaviour policy. These rules apply to everyone using our service – regardless of the account involved.”