Elton John pays moving tribute to his husband and sons in emotional Oscars speech

Elton John Oscars

Elton John gave a moving speech in which he thanked his husband and their two sons during his Oscars acceptance speech.

John won the Academy Award for Best Original Song alongside his longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin for “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” from Rocketman.

Standing up on stage, the revered singer-songwriter thanked his husband David Furnish.

“David, I love you so much,” he said.

He added: “To my beautiful boys who are watching this in Sydney, how much do I love you? Daddy loves you.”

Elton John thanked his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin in Oscars acceptance speech.

Elsewhere in his impassioned speech, Elton thanked Taupin for being “the constant” in his life.

“When I was screwed up, when I was normal, he’s always been there for me,” he said.

He also thanked “everybody involved in Rocketman, and added: “This is a dream for us, we’ve never been nominated before for anything like this.”

To my beautiful boys who are watching this in Sydney, how much do I love you? Daddy loves you.

Last month, Elton and Bernie Taupin won the Best Original Song award at the Golden Globes, where Taron Egerton was also named Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for his performance as Elton.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever won an award with him, ever,” Elton said at the time of his win. “We never won a Grammy. We never did anything together [awards-wise] except for this.”

Meanwhile, Taupin called their songwriting partnership “a 52-year-old marriage”.

Rocketman was released to critical acclaim but failed to garner Academy Award nominations.

Rocketman – which follows the early life and career of Elton John as he battled addiction – was released in 2019 to critical acclaim. The film was notable for its unabashed depiction of Elton’s sexuality, something other rock music biopics such as Bohemian Rhapsody have avoided.

The film attracted some criticism from LGBT+ activists for casting Egerton and Richard Madden – both straight actors – as gay men, with some arguing that gay actors should have taken on the roles.

While Elton and Taupin won the award for Best Original Song at last night’s awards ceremony, the biopic was largely overlooked by the Academy, with Egerton failing to garner a nomination.