Star Trek star Anthony Rapp shared his engagement shoot and we’re feeling seriously single right now

Anthony Rapp. (Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

With Valentines Day hurtling towards us, Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp has avidly reminded us all we’re desperately single after sharing his engagement photograph today.

In the adorable snap posted Monday, the Broadway singer is yearningly looking into the eyes of his fiancé, Ken Ithiphol.

It comes after Rapp announced he was getting hitched in November, 2019.

The photo proved so moving that Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Johnathan Del Arco commented: “Gorgeous.”

Points were certainly made here.

Rapp’s mentions were flooded with praise and support for the husbands-to-be.

“The mood in these photos is indescribably gorgeous,” wrote one fan.

“So genuine and tender and in the moment. Like there’s no world outside the two of you.”

There was also this aggressively adorable exchange.

The engagement pictures were snapped in New York City by Mitch and Savanna Colagrossi.

“Behind the photos was Anthony breaking out into random song (the best kind), many laughs and meaningful, heartfelt kisses,” the pair wrote in a blog post, which includes the full set of photographs.

“They have a passion that even we were only able to capture a glimpse of, as their love is so much more genuine and intense than what can be documented through photography alone.

“He and Ken both have such a sweet, funny, affectionate nature between the two of them.”

Who is Anthony Rapp?

Rapp was catapulted into headlines in 2017 after he publicly accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexual harassment.

Anthony Rapp (L) and fiancé Ken Ithiphol have announced their engagement and love just might be real. (Instagram)

Anthony Rapp (L) and fiancé Ken Ithiphol have announced their engagement and love just might be real. (Instagram)

He was the first industry figure to do so, alleging that Spacey made unwanted advances on him in 1989, when Rapp was 14 years old and Spacey 26.

The allegations forced Spacey to come out as gay and was subsequently accused of various instances of sexual harassment and assault by a number of men.

Moreover, Spacey’s denial of the claim and call to come out prompted immense backlash from the LGBT+ community for its incredibly poor timing.