Viral Shallow singer Charlotte Awbery performs on The Ellen Show and a star has officially been born

Charlotte Awbery (L) appeared on The Ellen Show to sing "Shallow" and it was all kinds of iconic. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Heir to Lady Gaga, Charlotte Awbery, has lept from London pub gigs and spontaneous tube stop singalongs to The Ellen Show.

British songstress Awbery, carrying a Caffe Nero to-go cup, was on her way to meet a pal in a station when online talkshow host Kevin Freshwater asked her to finish the lyrics to “Shallow”, only for her to burst into a rendition deserving of a Grammy, to be honest.

Quickly rising to queen of the gays, Awbery has been showered in praise and went onto see a huge spike in followers across her Instagram account. Roughly quadrupling in less than a day.

Ariana Grande follows Charlotte Awbery. 

But, as it turns out, one of those followers was one Ariana Grande.

“I followed her back,” Awbery assured DeGeneres in the interview Wednesday. “One of my friends saw it, so I followed her back.”

Joining the talkshow host on the famous white armchairs, the pair discussed Awbery’s ascent to fame and how she has reacted to her new legion of fans, which seems to include the iconic “thank u, next” singer, too.

With her now-iconic blowdry hair, Awbery said: “I was literally on my way to meet a friend.

“I can’t believe it, I can’t believe I’m sat next to you.

A star was born after Charlotte Awbery went viral after being poured on to sing Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow". (Screen captures via Facebook)

A star was born after Charlotte Awbery went viral after being poured on to sing Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow”. (Screen captures via Facebook)

“60 million views? I didn’t even know that.”

Awbery’s career as a jobbing singer spans 15 years, she said: “I do weddings, I do pubs, I do bars, restaurants.”

But just before the chat, her next gig was on the Ellen stage, where she performed – of course – “Shallow”.

DeGeneres ended up gifting her with a year-long pass for travel around the London Underground delivered to her by a man dressed as a royal guard. Oh, and £10,000.

Suspiciously, just as Awbery amassed her new gay following, Gaga has just announced that her first solo song in four years will drop Friday.

Maybe the pair can collaborate for the “Stupid Love” hitmaker’s upcoming album? The gays can only dream.