Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’ interrupts a crucial press conference about the coronavirus

Stupid Love: Crucial coronavirus meeting interrupted by Lady Gaga

The row of councillors looked tired.

iPhone cable chargers scattered on the desk in front of them, tranches of papers stacked high as a councillor drew her pen to make annotations.

Regione Liguria council, who helm the crescent-shaped chunk of northwest Italy, had called a press conference Sunday for panicked members of the public.

As of Sunday, 1,694 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Italy, a coronavirus strain that has truly tested a globalised world and seen northern cities of the European country emptied of tourists while healthcare providers struggle.

But in the stern silence of the conference, an act of divine providence occurred.

Lady Gaga’s first solo single in four years began blasting out of someone’s phone during the meeting, and this is officially what historians in the year 3020 will dub as the most aggressively 2020 moment ever recorded.

‘Stupid Love’ played during a tense meeting about coronavirus containment and is it 2021 yet?

Italian officials squirmed in confusion, likely wondering whether this cursed year will ever end, before breaking into a giggle.

The sound you hear not of laughter or joy, but of their spirits finally cracking and accepting the finitude of the human condition.

Footage of the council meeting took off on Twitter as Little Monsters across the world united to both defeat the coronavirus outbreak and get “Stupid Love” to the top of the charts at the same time.

And the jokes, well, they wrote themselves.

Considering that Gaga stans have forged fake Starbucks promotions in efforts to see the artist’s songs streamed by as many as possible, then sing the viral outbreak as a marketing tool is strenuously on-brand.

Gaga is “The Cure”, after all.

In a further plot twist in the ongoing coronavirus saga, Genova-based reporter Bibi D’Oira later confessed to it being their phone that reminded the world that we are blessed to live in the same timeline as Lady Gaga.

“I’m happy if this moment managed to get a smile out of this delicate moment with coronavirus,” they wrote on Twitter.

Anyway, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and stream “Stupid Love”!