This bisexual Filipino comedian did a cover of Stupid Love but it’s about the coronavirus

Bisexual comedian releases cover of Stupid Love but it’s about coronavirus

While we all find ways to kill time before this planet hurtling around in a void is pelted with asteroids, a comedian has taken it upon himself to do the most ambitious crossover in human history, Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love” and the coronavirus.

OK, maybe it’s not exactly that ambitious, considering that a regional council meeting in Italy – wrestling with becoming the biggest hub of COVID-19 in Europe – was interrupted by someone’s phone blasting “Stupid Love”.

Gay rights, maybe? We’re unsure, to be honest.

Lady Gaga’s first solo single in four years became a global phenomenon when it dropped last month, splashing Twitter timelines and fan’s bedroom walls with the colour pink, but the coronavirus drew vital newspaper headline space from the pop superstar.

And in taking the year 2020 to its logical, dystopian, Black Mirror-esque conclusion, bisexual comic Mikey Bustos dropped the song: “Stupid Cough.”

Yup, you know where this is going.

Stupid Love x coronavirus is the collaboration you didn’t know you needed.

Taking the coronavirus – called so for its ‘crown’ like spikes, which resemble the sun’s corona – and fashioning it into the “Stupid Love” pink tribal medallion, Bustos completely DIY’d the song all about the viral outbreak.

The lyrics “Freak out / freak out / freak out” now carry new meaning, as you can guess, in Bustos’ parody version.

“Dear Mother Monster,” he wrote on Twitter Friday, “I made this because I am such a fan of ‘Stupid Love’ and the Kindness Punk Movement!

“I, too, am from the planet Chromatica and I will always be a Monster, even in the face of the coronavirus.”

But the parody video has a deeper meaning to it. The Department of Health should take notes, as Bustos fills the video with tonnes of preventative tips, many recommended by health experts and leading epidemiologists. 

This ranges from the proper disposal of tissues, recommendations to self-quarantine or cancel trips to hot spots, and even to: “Don’t be racist to us Asians! / The enemy’s not human beings / It’s coronavirus!”

Although, it remains unknown whether Bustos filmed the video on an iPhone 11 Pro. 

Anyway, see you all at the #CoronavirusIsCancelledParty!

You can watch the full music video below.