Fetish gear boss’ advice for the coronavirus outbreak is more informative and inspiring than what we’ve heard from Donald Trump

US president Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus outbreak was, well, trumped by fetish underwear brand Nasty Pig. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

A CEO of a fetish gear and underwear brand has become a pacesetter for, well, actually delivering advice on navigating the coronavirus crisis snarling the US that is both informative and accurate.

In other words, in every way that US president Donald Trump’s advice has failed to be.

Countless mail app inboxes flickered with a “one” notification Sunday when Nasty Pig founder David Lauterstein emailed customers his “Letter from the CEO”, and his words have gone viral on Twitter.

New York underwear brand founder gives inspirational speech in light of coronavirus pandemic.

“I came up here to my office while the rest of my team is working remotely so that I could clear my head and write the obligatory email ensuring you that we are still shipping orders while following COVID-19 guidelines from the [Centres for Disease Control and Prevention],” he wrote.

“But I can’t in good conscious spit out some formulaic bulls**t when we are all on edge.”

Lauterstein explains how he can’t comprehend people not being nervous to some degree about the calamities caused by the coronavirus pandemic. One that has emptied thousands of cities, schools and businesses and led to nations going into lockdown.

“So, yes, this is come scary s**t we are dealing with, but I have to tell you with fifty years experience under my belt, scary s**t has been here before.

“In my lifetime, we’ve been through the cold war, the AIDS crisis, 9/11, the economic crash of 2008 and, on a personal note, a cancer diagnoses in 2018.

“During each of these experiences, I thought the world was ending. Each was terrifying.

“Each caused plenty of pain. In no way am I dismissing the losses each caused, but we ultimately got through each one and landed on our feet.

“Now that I’m a Daddy in this community, I feel it is my responsibility not to tell you to keep shopping, but to tell you that we ill get through this.

Humans are a resilient species, especially gay people. In fact, we are the strongest motherf***ers I know. 

“Centuries of overcoming persecution are fused into our collective DNA and we have a long history of surviving despite much greater challenges than this. Trust!

He added: “Be safe, take this situation seriously, and be gentle with each other.”

Trump, take notes.