Gay comedian Randy Rainbow mocks Trump’s terrible response to coronavirus in hilarious parody video

Randy Rainbow mocks Trump’s coronavirus response in Broadway parody

They say laughter is the best medicine, and although that may not apply to the coronavirus, Randy Rainbow will certainly give it a go.

The gay comedian has previously targeted the Trump family with his hilarious song parodies, including “No rules for Donald“, “Just impeach him” and “The Mueller blues“.

His latest video, “The coronavirus lament“, attempts to lighten the global mood by poking fun at the Trump administration’s terrible response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Set to the tune of “Adelaide’s Lament” from the Broadway musical Guys and Dolls, the song starts with a reminder of how Donald Trump was calling the coronavirus a Democratic “hoax” just a few short weeks ago.

“You can say it’s a con but the stock market’s still on its way to hell, you can call it a hoax but it’s hard to make jokes when there’s no Purell,” he quipped.

The song lyrics then criticise Trump for “politicising a global pandemic threat” and “passing the ball to Pence” – a man who, in case anyone has forgotten, continued to oppose needle exchange programs amid the biggest HIV outbreak in Indiana state history.

Likely alluding to the infamous image of Pence and his coronavirus task force bowing their heads in prayer, Randy Rainbow sang: “He can pray everyday til the gay goes away, hey, it’s worth a shot. He can climate deny til the oceans are dry and the earth gets hot…

“But if praying that deadly diseases don’t spread is the best he’s got –bish, some persons could develop a cold.”

He also knocks the non-stop media coverage and the repeated warnings to wash your hands. “Lock yourself in your bathroom, scrub ’til your tendons show. But don’t touch your hands, the faucet, the soap, or your face!”

You can watch the full parody video here.