If you thought coronavirus would stop drag queen story time, think again. Drag Race royalty is taking it online

Nina West drag queen storytime Instagram

You might have thought that the coronavirus would put an end to drag queen storytime events for a while, but one former Drag Race contestant is making sure it keeps going.

Drag queen Nina West has relieved the pressure on parents everywhere to entertain their children by doing a drag queen storytime event on Instagram – and confirmed that it will be “happening again.”

West shared her drag queen storytime on Instagram, where she read RED: A Crayon Story by Michael Hall.

The incredible digital event will come as a disappointment to right-wing conservative radio host Bryan Fischer. He recently suggested that the positive side to the coronavirus pandemic was that kids would no longer be subjected to “indoctrination” from drag queens during storytime events.

Drag queen storytime will continue on Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to Drag Race star Nina West.

But RuPaul’s Drag Race star Nina West is making sure that kids don’t have to go without their storytime events.

Writing a day after she debuted her first Instagram drag queen storytime event, West thanked her friends for tuning in.

I hope this first story time brought some smiles to your face and the face of little ones in your life!

“This will be happening again (and again and again!),” she added.

“One of the things I appreciate most is how well I have trailed by lil’ Edgar to bark in rhythm with the theme song.”

She continued: “I hope this first story time brought some smiles to your face and the face of little ones in your life!”

West confirmed that she will be doing another online drag queen storytime event tomorrow (March 21) and urged people to “cuddle up with a good book” in the meantime.

She also said people can request certain books they would like to see on her newly titled Story Time with Nina series and urged people to comment their favourite kids’ books.

Parents have praised the drag queen for her new online storytime.

Nina West has been praised by parents on Instagram who thanked her for entertaining their kids, as many are stuck indoors due to COVID-19.

“Both my boys loved this, such an important message, I love that you read it too, thank you for always making us smile. Lots of love to you, hope everyone is safe and well out there,” one parent wrote.

Another added: “My daughters think you are very entertaining. One likes your fancy dress and the other is picking her nose which I think means you’re pretty. Thanks for story!”

One parent commented: “I think I needed this more than the kids!”