Roxane Gay restored everyone’s faith in humanity by paying for people’s groceries during lockdown

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Roxane Gay has restored everyone’s faith in humanity by offering to buy groceries for people in financial trouble because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The bisexual feminist writer, professor and commentator wrote on Twitter: “If you are broke and need to stock up on groceries I will Venmo you $100. Like 10 people. It’s not much but I know it’s rough out there. Reply with your Venmo.”

She said she sent money to 20 randomly picked people, and her act of kindness inspired her followers to do the same.

One Twitter user reached out to Los Angeles residents who were concerned about feeding their children because of school closures.

She wrote: “Feel free to DM me and I will personally deliver whatever I can to help.

“So many people have helped me in my time in need and I truly want to pay it forward.”

Another wrote: “Just opened a VENMO account, can afford to give 20 ppl $50… hit me up.”

While many of her followers offered help to anyone that needed it, others that were in trouble also used the comments to ask for assistance.

One person wrote: “I literally have no money and I’m living by myself supporting myself I would love the extra help.” Another Twitter user was quick to help them out.

Another person was helped out after saying they needed to feed their “dog son”. They received the response: “Sent you a little something for living the pug life. Good luck!”

A teacher living “pay check to pay check” also reached out for help, sharing their Venmo details.

One of Gay’s followers replied: “Done. Hope it helps. Gotta support and elevate our teachers.”

Some were concerned that Roxane Gay might be targeted by scammers, but she responded: “I can’t CSI this. If people are shady, well, that’s between them and Beyoncé.”