Kylie Minogue fans divided over gay proposal during ITV special

Kylie Minogue fans have mixed feelings about a surprise marriage proposal that went down in the audience at her ITV special An Audience with Kylie.

Minogue wrapped up a phenomenal 2023 with a dazzling, star-studded concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, answering questions from the adoring crowd between performances of her biggest hits.

The “Padam Padam” singer put on a spectacular show in front of celebrity guests like Jonathan Bailey, Nicola Coughlan, Andrew Scott, and Olly Alexander.

An Audience with Kylie on ITV
Two fans left An Audience with Kylie at the Royal Albert Hall engaged. (ITV)

But the most memorable moment came, not from any famous faces in the crowd, but a gay couple who decided to make Kylie a part of their happily ever after.

After catching the “I Should Be So Lucky” singer’s attention, one fan got a hold of the microphone under the guise of asking Minogue a question.

He told the Aussie pop star that he had brought his partner and his two sons along with him to her show and wanted it to be a “memorable” and “special” night.

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He then confessed to Minogue: “This question isn’t to you, it’s to your superfan Martin.”

Turning to his partner Martin he asked: “So, Martin, would you marry me?”

The question sparked a rapturous cheer from the Royal Albert Hall audience and prompted Martin to break down in tears.

An Audience with Kylie on ITV
The Aussie popstar congratulated the happy couple. (ITV)

Looking up to Minogue, Martin asked her: “What would you say?”, to which Kylie roared “Yes!”

After Martin accepted the proposal and the thrilled audience started to calm down, Minogue was still flabbergasted by what had just happened

“I- I don’t even know- Has that just actually happened?” she asked.

Turning to the happy couple, she asked them: “How did you guys meet?”

They told her that they had met at her 2005 Showgirl: The Greatest Hits tour, revealing that the proposal was truly a full circle moment for them.

An Audience with Kylie on ITV
Kylie Minogue was totally flabbergasted by the proposal. (ITV)

“Thank you so much for coming and congratulations! Hip, hip hooray!” Kylie cheered, before climbing down from the stage to give the couple a big hug while celebrity guests like Alan Carr and Rylan Clark whooped and cheered.

But when the proposal aired on ITV on Sunday night (10 December), the response was rather mixed.

While some viewers were touched by the heartwarming proposal, others confessed to cringing in their sofas.

“Imagine hijacking a show with a tacky marriage proposal ffs,” complained one unimpressed viewer.

“Could have done without that public proposal. If anyone ever did that to me I’d flat turn them down,” claimed a second.

Others agreed that a public proposal was their “worst nightmare”.

But plenty of Kylie fans were charmed by the engagement, and even shed a tear or two.

“Why am I crying at that proposal?” asked one emotional viewer.

“That proposal has made my heart burst that was the CUTEST thing,” raved a second.

A third gushed: “A proposal! And she hugged the whole family! My heart can’t take this.”

And a fourth concluded that, no matter what your personal feelings were about public proposals, it was only right that there was a proposal at “the campest show ever.”

An Audience With Kylie is now on ITVX.

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