Dominique Provost-Chalkley, star of cult classic Wynonna Earp, just came out as queer

Dominique Provost-Chalkley

Dominique Provost-Chalkley, the star of supernatural Western horror show Wynonna Earp, has come out as queer on her 30th birthday.

Provost-Chalkley rose to fame in 2015 through her role as Waverly Earp, who dates a woman on the show. Her on-screen girlfriend Nicole is played by the actress Katherine Barrell.

The role clearly left a strong impression on Provost-Chalkley as she’s now revealed that the experience led her to “re-evalute” her sexuality.

“[Showrunner] Emily Andras took a chance on me and cast me as the beautifully positive bisexual representation that is Miss Waverly Earp,” she explained in a lengthy blog post.

“Through this incredible, enlightening journey of playing a queer character and meeting the fans that are drawn to her, I guess I’ve re-evaluated how I am to face this part of me.”

Describing her journey to coming out, Provost-Chalkley said she had known she was “attracted to all shapes and genders” from the moment she became sexually aware.

Growing up with no representation of bisexuality or pansexuality in her life, she assumed that she must be gay. But the identity didn’t sit right with her and left her feeling confused.

“I was attracted to girls… but I also liked boys?! Well, confusion is an understatement – and confusion brought me right up into my head – to a voice that wasn’t always kind to me.

“So I just focused really hard on the ‘boy part’, hoping that the ‘other part of me’ would eventually go away.”

But hiding such an integral part of she was caused her incredible anxiety and fear, she said, and she isn’t willing to hide her “authentic queer self” any longer.

“So I find the strength within myself to pave the way for others – as many have done before me,” she wrote.

“So, here goes… I am queer. I am into ALL humans. I guess maybe I am just really into love?  Who knows? But finally… I am OUT.”