Ben Affleck really wants you to know he’s not on Grindr for some reason

Ben Affleck (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Ben Affleck sought to set the record straight, as it were, last Friday after clarifying that the single star is not on the gay dating app Grindr.

The Gone Girl was rumoured to be on the celebrity dating app Raya, but Affleck squashed such allegations by flatly denying that he is on any dating apps. Gay or straight.

Chatting to Good Morning America, the 47-year-old said that he’s not “on any websites” before adding: “I am not on Tinder, Grinder, Grindr, Brinder, Grinder, Bumble, Humble.”

It remains unclear what “Brinder”, “Grinder” and “Humble” are, but we sure do hope they’re not nanny-finding apps.

Uh, why is Ben Affleck talking about Grindr?

“I am not on any of them,” Ben Affleck told Diane Sawyer, “I don’t have judgment for people who are, great.”

He continued: “I know people who are on them have a fun time but not me.

“I would love to have a relationship that is deeply meaningful and one to which I could be deeply committed.”

Rumours heaved about Affleck’s dating life after he divorced Jennifer Garner. The pair called it quits in 2018.

Don't fret, Ben Affleck is not out to steal your twink. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Don’t fret, Ben Affleck is not out to steal your twink. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

While not exactly shocking that Affleck, who is a heterosexual man known for being sad next to Henry Cavil sometimes, is not on a dating app for queer men, it does thicken the plot that there is someone on Raya impersonating him.

According to anonymous sources that spoke to Page Six, “Affleck” was spotted on the exclusive, members-only website populated with supermodels, DJs and a lone John Mayer.

He reportedly kept the profile up-to-date, frequently updating photos, tweaking his bio and the song that played on his profile was Bab Marley’s “Guava Jelly”, a song about aggressively crying after being broken up with.

No comment.

Grindr itself reacted to Affleck’s remarks on Twitter, joking: “Don’t knock it till you try it.”

The app even tagged Affleck in the post. He has yet to respond.