Medical fetish store donates entire stock of hospital scrubs to the NHS to help fight coronavirus

medical fetish scrubs

A medical fetish store has donated its entire stock of hospital scrubs to the NHS to help fight coronavirus.

The NHS has desperately been trying to manage the need for extra supplies during COVID-19 pandemic, even calling in the army to help distribute them in busy hospitals.

Emily Lawson, chief commercial officer for the NHS, said in a press release: “We need massively increased, urgent volume of these supplies to the frontline in this exceptional set of circumstances.”

Medical fetish store Medfet said it has found itself being “sought out as a last-resort supplier to our National Health Service”, and has therefore donated its entire stock of disposable scrubs to the NHS.

The online store is “100 per cent dedicated to medical fetish, kink and role play”, and stocks more than 250 medical-grade products.

It wrote on Twitter: “Today we donated our entire stock of disposable scrubs to an NHS hospital. It was just a few sets, because we don’t carry large stocks, but they were desperate, so we sent them free of charge.

“When you see someone from the government saying the NHS is getting what it needs, that is a LIE.

“We have been contacted this week by representatives of NHS procurement all over the country, trying to source basic protective equipment and clothing.”

It added that as a “tiny company”, the fact that the NHS was calling on the store for help was proof that something was “seriously wrong”.

The Twitter thread  continued: “In fact, it’s scandalous. Let’s be under no illusions, this is the result of a decade of chronic underfunding and cuts which has left the NHS barely able to cope under normal circumstances, much less when faced with the onslaught of a global pandemic.

“It did not, and should not, have to be this way.”

“So when it’s all over…and the doctors, nurses and other staff have done an amazing job (as they undoubtedly will despite the circumstances), let’s not forget, or forgive, the ones who sent the NHS into this battle with inadequate armour and one hand tied behind its back.”

Last week, Pose donated parts of its set depicting a hospital during the AIDS crisis to help the present-day battle against coronavirus.

Creator Ryan Murphy wrote on Instagram: “On my FX series Pose, one of our regular sets and locations is a hospital where in season three (spoiler) Blanca works as an AIDS/HIV counsellor.

“Today we donated all our prop supplies to Mount Sinai hospital to help nurses and doctors battling the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Let’s all keep giving when and where and how we can.”