Andy Cohen has recovered from coronavirus and has a ‘pro-tip’ for all those suffering from symptoms

Andy Cohen has tested positive for coronavirus. (Instagram)

American talkshow host Andy Cohen has revealed that he has made a recovery from his bout of coronavirus.

The TV host, 51, announced on a sombre Instagram post earlier this month he tested positive for COVID-19.

After nearly two weeks in self-isolation – during which his show, Watch What Happens Next was suspended – Cohen was given the all-clear by clinicians and can now reunite with his 13-month-od son, Ben.

Returning to the airwaves on SiriusXM‘s Radio Andy, broadcast Monday, Cohen explained that he’s in high spirits and feeling better.

Andy Cohen reunited with son after 12 days apart in quarantine. 

“Today is a huge day for me,” he said, “not only am I back on the radio and Watch What Happens Live but I have been quarantined from Ben for the last 12 days or so and I’m gonna get to see him right after the show.

“My doctor, two doctors, said it would be safe to see him yesterday and I freaked out on Saturday night, worried.

“So, I was like let me just add a day to that – so I’m going to see him today.”

Cohen later posted an adorable photo of him and Ben reuniting.

“I’ve hosted reunions for years, ” Cohen captioned the cute picture, “but yesterday’s was the best one yet.”

Gay TV host gives ‘pro-tip’ for those sickened by coronavirus. 

Cohen sketched out the symptoms of the coronavirus he experienced, suffering a tight chest and a loss of appetite.

“It took 10 or 11 days to work through my system, and it takes a bit to get my energy back,” he said.

“You go downstairs to make a piece of toast and you come back and you need to relax.”

He continued: “My symptoms were a fever, tightness in my chest, a cough, very, very achy, a lot of aches and pains in the body and very tired.

“Some chills, loss of smell and appetite.”

His “pro-tip” for those sickened by coronavirus? “Make sure you have Tylenol and a Pulse Oximeter.”