Stephen Fry is the latest Sourdough Gay turning to baking to get through the pandemic

Stephen Fry is the coronavirus pandemic's latest Sourdough Gay

National treasure and actor Stephen Fry is the latest gay to turn to baking sourdough bread to make it through the coronavirus pandemic.

He also shared that he’s “ridiculously proud to say” he made the sourdough starter himself.

The gay broadcaster, who is a staunch LGBT+ advocate and recently joined intersex activists in urging people to treat the community with “common politeness and decency”, also gave fans and baking aficionados his very own sourdough recipe.

“The sourdough starter is breeding so fast. I have to keep baking, just to give it something to do…” Fry tweeted on April 2, with a picture of two chunky loaves of sourdough bread.

Establishing that he made the starter himself, Fry then confirmed what many other Sourdough Gays have already learned: the time we all have on our hands due to being at home under coronavirus lockdown lends itself especially well to discovering the joys of sourdough.

The recipe, Fry said, is: “Just water and flour (equal weights of each, say 75 grams) and … the one thing so many of us have … TIME.”

He added: “Keeping adding same quantities every day and a half or so. The yeast naturally breeds… plenty of sourdough recipes online good luck!”

Naturally, the fact that Stephen Fry has joined the legions of gays stuck at home and resorting to baking bread for entertainment did not escape the notice of people on Twitter.


Others shared photos of their own baking endeavours, or “Lockdown Loaf”.

Aside from very gentle encouragement to bake bread, Fry’s advice to everyone during this pandemic so far has been to be “kind to each other”.

Before the UK government had implemented the lockdown and given out public health advice, Fry ad some advice of his own.

“Until this thing is over we’ve all got to be helpful, friendly and kind to each other, understood? Hatchets buried. Grievances forgotten. Disputes resolved. Feuds ended. Strangers smiled at,” he said.

“When the final whistle is blown we can go back to be being mean and beastly. Agreed?”

We agree, Stephen.