Stephen Fry advises everyone to turn off their alarm clocks to help fight coronavirus

Stephen Fry

Finally, Stephen Fry has given us the coronavirus advice we’ve been waiting for – give yourself a lie in.

The British actor, broadcaster and LGBT+ advocate took to Twitter to share some choice advice given to him by a friend of his, Dr Jordan Shlain.

It’s simple: to boost your immune system, just allow yourself to sleep for as long as your body is naturally able to.

“Turn off your alarm clock. Wake up naturally,” he wrote. “It’s quite amazing that humans are the only living species that interrupts a critical biological process that helps our immune system.”

It’s certainly tempting, but before you throw your hated alarm clock out the window, stop to consider that not everyone will be able to follow this advice.

Those with work or family responsibilities won’t able to sleep as long as they like, and healthcare workers are likely to be more overworked than ever at this time.

“Obviously, not everyone will be able to,” Fry notes, acknowledging this, “but it seems wise.”

The tip comes from an article by Dr Shlain, who is reporting from “the front lines” of the coronavirus pandemic.

As well as continuing to practise basic hygiene and hand-washing, Shlain also suggests opening windows to keep air circulating, drink lots of water, and take your temperature even if you’re not sick, so you know what your baseline is.

Fry has some advice of his own: “Until this thing is over we’ve all got to be helpful, friendly and kind to each other, understood? Hatchets buried. Grievances forgotten. Disputes resolved. Feuds ended. Strangers smiled at.

“When the final whistle is blown we can go back to be being mean and beastly. Agreed?”

And until then, he’ll just keep stockpiling.