James Charles asks Twitter how is he still single with ‘a big heart, a** and bank account’ and the response was… mixed

James Charles wearing a diamanté chocker

James Charles momentarily distracted Twitter from the existential dread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The YouTuber posed a simple question to his 5.2 million followers on Monday morning (April 13).

“I have a big heart,” he wrote, “a** and bank account. How am I single?”

The response to Charles’ question was, it’s safe to say, mixed.

Resident TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio was there to comfort Charles, calling him her “favourite person ever”.

While YouTuber Larri offered to share custody of his partner in exchange for a “monthly direct deposit”.

Twitter users remind single James Charles of his past controversies.

One Twitter user, armed with screenshots, sought to remind Charles of the times he has been bruised by scandal, such as when he called the continent of Africa a country and wondered whether he would, as a 17-year-old, be exposed to the Ebola virus when visiting there.

Further controversy came earlier this year when the make-up guru uploaded a video of himself singing along to Saweetie’s “My Type”, which includes several uses of the N-word. He was accused of using the racist slur, a claim he flatly denied.

As some followers pointed out, his trying track record of anti-trans comments has similarly proved to be a lightning rod of controversy for the make-up artist.

One user recommended that perhaps Charles consider using this “big […] bank account” to donate to charitable causes, especially as the coronavirus pandemic continues to crater the US economy and ratchet up fear and tension for those on low incomes.

Indeed, a small pocket of celebrities have opted to more tangibly aid those impacted by the ongoing viral crisis, such as by actively raising money for coronavirus relief programmes as well as research drives.

Lady Gaga, who postponed her upcoming album to focus on helping both those impacted by the pandemic and those working to curb it, raised $35 million in just seven days for the World Health Organization.