Tiger King stars Dillon Passage and Jeff Lowe broke out into a 15-minute brawl over a ‘homophobic remark’

Tiger King: Dillon Passage brawled with Jeff Lowe over homophobia

Tiger King stars Dillon Passage and Jeff Lowe had a “15-minute” long brawl over a “homophobic” remark, Joe Exotic’s current husband has claimed.

During the Netflix series’ aftershow The Tiger King and I, which dropped earlier this month, head zookeeper John Reinke revealed that the pair scuffled, leading Reinke to leave the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park for good.

Chatting to Metro.co.uk, Passage explained his side of the story, claiming that he and Lowe had a barbed relationship before breaking into violence towards once another, which boiled when Lowe uttered a “homophobic” insult towards him.

What happened between Dillon Passage and Jeff Lowe?

“Jeff would always walk around the park just belittling absolutely everybody and really didn’t have a care in the world,” Dillon alleged.

“So, one day I was just getting water for my camel and, you know, and he makes a comment and so that’s how that started.”

Passage continued: “I kept to myself, being at the zoo, because Jeff and Lauren weren’t the best of people and they didn’t get along with Joe [Exotic], and so I tried to keep my distance.

“But they just have really big mouths and will say whatever they think because they think they can get away with it.

“They may have had the park, but they didn’t own me, I didn’t work at the park.”

Passage went onto stress he is no longer involved in the happenings of the park of its workers, especially since Exotic was thrown behind bars for 22 years for a heaving list of charges, from animal abuse to conspiring to kill Carole Baskin.

“I have no desire to have any relationship with Jeff, he’s just not the kind of people I like to be around,” he said.

What has Dillon Passage been up to since Tiger King?

Tiger King stars Joe Exotic (R) and Dillon Passage. (Netflix)

The hotel bartender, 24, has gone from lounging around with his husband with big cats to, well, lounging around in hammocks.

Passage is, according to recent interviews and Instagram posts, self-isolating in Florida. Spending his days sipping beers and wearing mainly vests.

He and Exotic used to chat frequently on the phone and over jail email, but since Exotic himself was placed in prison quarantine, their lines of communication have been strained.