Kaley Cuoco reveals Harley Quinn ‘is gonna need calamine lotion’ as steamy queer romance blooms with Poison Ivy

Kaley Cuoco, who voices Harley Quinn in the titular cartoon series, has teased her character's blossoming relationship with Poison Ivy. (Screen capture via YouTube/DC Universe)

American actor Kaley Cuoco confirmed Thursday that DC character Harley Quinn “is gonna need calamine lotion” as a romance begins to bloom with Poison Ivy.

…You see what she did there?

The former Big Bang Theory star voices the anti-hero in Harley Quinn: The Animated Series, which airs on streaming service DC Universe.

As the show returns for a second season, Cuoco let slip the pair’s upcoming budding trajectory while chatting to US TV talk show host Conan O’Brien on Team Coco.

Harley Quinn animated series might be first on-screen adaptation of queer romance with Poison Ivy. 

When he asked whether Quinn and Ivy will get together, she slyly teased: “Let me put it this way: Harley’s gonna need some calamine lotion.”

“That was a funny joke!” she continued, “I just thought of that from the top of my head.”

In case you didn’t know, calamine lotion is used to treat poison ivy.

But then, to be fair, what even is the outside world anymore?

Her comments come after showrunner Patrick Schumacker suggested that plans are afoot to make season two of the well-received show way queerer.

Longtime fans know that Quinn and Ivy – played by Cuoco and Lake Bell in the series – have had a relationship in the comics before, but the storyline is yet to make it into any on-screen adaptation.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the animated series

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the animated series. (DC Universe)

Schumacker said: “It will develop more, and it’s definitely going to evolve into, I think, what a lot of people are hoping it will.

“What I can say is, we wanted to do it  – it was always on the table.

“It felt interesting to us or felt like, maybe even important to us, to do it.”