Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall baked herself a ‘penis pie’ because it’s the thing she’s missing most under lockdown

Jade Thirlwall

Jade Thirlwall continues to justify her gay icon credentials, this time admitting she baked herself a penis pie because it’s the thing she’s missing most in lockdown.

The Little Mix star has been a constant source of camp and delight in recent weeks, recreating iconic TV scenes and educating the masses on how to be an LGBT+ ally even while social distancing.

On Monday (April 27), she unveiled what is perhaps her pièce de résistance: a penis pie. Yes, really.

Thirlwall told BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills and Chris Stark that she’d been busying herself with piemaking “cause it’s dead easy, I just buy the ready to roll”.

When the hosts told her they’d heard all about her “penis pie”, complimenting her creation, she replied: “Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

“I’m here alone in the flat with two friends and we all decided to put what we were missing on the pie.”

Jade Thirlwall is a top-tier LGBT+ ally.

The singer is currently isolating away from her Little Mix bandmates, and is using the downtime wisely.

Last week, she recreated Come Dine With Me’s iconic “What a sad little life, Jane” moment, donning a fake belly and no less than three wigs.

Little Mix bandmates Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson were in hysterics.

Edwards wrote that it was “f***ing brilliant” while Nelson said: “The f***ing wigs, best video you’ve ever done”.

Little Mix star explains how to support queer people under lockdown.

Thirlwall’s services to the queer community aren’t limited to entertainment.

In early April, she gave Glamour her top tips for being an LGBT+ ally while self-isolating.

“We’re all in self isolation and some LGBT+ people might be in a home or a family environment where they’re not very supportive of being who they are,” she said.

“So, if you know anybody who is in that circumstance, reach out to them, message them, show them how much you support and love them – there’s many ways you can be doing that whilst being indoors.”