Here’s when you’ll be able to watch Drag Race: Untucked season 12 in the UK

Crystal Methyd in the Untucked lounge

Drag Race: Untucked remains absent from Netflix UK 10 weeks into the series – but fans won’t have to wait too much longer.

As Drag Race fans likely already know, if you aren’t watching Untucked, you’re only getting half the story.

Where the main series is (rightfully) heralded one of the most iconic shows of our time, some of the franchise’s most memorable moments have originated in the Untucked lounge.

Each week when RuPaul sends the queens away so that she can deliberate with her judges the cameras continue to roll backstage, capturing the contestants at their most vulnerable and when tensions are at their very highest.

Over the past decade, the spin-off has been responsible for some of the most gag-worthy moments ever seen on TV.

Laganja Estranja feeling “very attacked”, Shangela screaming “because I am what? Sickening” at Mimi Imfurst and Aja’s legendary “you’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista” monologue all took place on Untucked, the messy icing on the big, sticky Drag Race cake.

The companion series has aired since season 2 and last year finally landed on Netflix UK alongside the main show. But this year, fans are facing a bit of a wait.

When can I watch Drag Race: Untucked season 12 in the UK?

Netflix originally announced that Drag Race season 12 would “come with a side of Untucked each week”.

But after the first episode of season 12 dropped on February 29, Netflix announced a change of plan.

“It’s looking like Untucked will arrive all at once at the end of the season – sorry,” it tweeted.

“We’ll keep you updated if that changes.”

Currently there is some confusion about when the season finale will be released. It was due to be recorded in the spring to air at the end of May, but this seems unlikely given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Netflix told PinkNews that as things stand, Untucked is still scheduled to arrive around June.

What time is Drag Race Untucked  on VH1 in the US?

Celebrity Drag Race has nabbed Untucked’s usual 9.30/8.30c slot – but fear not.

Untucked will still air on Fridays, but at the slightly later time of 11/10c. With the regular season 12 episode kicking off at 7/8c, that means fans are getting three-and-a-half hours of back to back Drag Race.

Where to watch past series of Untucked.

Currently Netflix UK is only streaming season 11 of Untucked.

Seasons 7, 8 and 9 are all available to watch for free on the World of Wonder YouTube channel, with seasons 1 to 10 streaming on WOW Presents Plus.