Lady Gaga ‘rode Leslie Jordan while howling at the moon’ on American Horror Story set

Leslie Jordan (L) decided to bless us all by telling us the story of how Lady Gaga 'rode' him. (Screen capture via Instagram/Getty)

In today’s edition of “series of words you once never expected to read in your lifetime, but then 2020 happened”, American Horror Story star Leslie Jordan has admitted that Lady Gaga “rode him” while on the set of the show’s sixth season.

He described in a since-deleted Instagram post Sunday that he was sharing a scene with the “Stupid Love” hitmaker in an episode of the Ryan Murphy series.

Leslie, 65, described on his “Pillow Talk” Instagram series that the scene unexpectedly saw Gaga kick, roll him over and then start riding the veteran actor while howling at the moon, Entertainment Weekly reported.

All in a day’s work for 2020.

Lady Gaga brought Leslie Jordan to a forest to ‘ride’ him. 

“We had a scene where she was gonna blow fairy dust in my face, and then knock me down, and blind me, chase me, and then roll me over, kick me,” Leslie began.

“And then she was supposed to squat down on me and cut me with a knife.

“She took me in the woods right before [the scene],” Leslie said, “and she said: ‘I tend to sexualise all my acting parts.’

“I thought: ‘Where’s this going?’

“Well, honey, she kicked me, rolled me over, and got down on me and started riding me.

“I didn’t know what I was supposed to do!

“I just laid there and thought: ‘How do I get myself into these situations?'”

Frankly, Leslie, we are all asking ourself this question nowadays. And an answer will never arrive, to be honest.

Lady Gaga is a ‘lovely girl’ and facts are, indeed, facts. 

Leslie also regaled Gaga who, in raising more than $128 million for the World Health Organization and other regional responses to the coronavirus crisis, is pretty deserving of praise right now.

“I can tell when I meet you, within three minutes, how you were raised,” the actor said.

“When I met Lady Gaga on the American Horror set… beautifully brought up.”

“‘Please, thank you,’ lovely girl.”