Kim Kardashian’s ‘deadpan camp’ acting in American Horror Story is everyone’s new obsession

Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts in American Horror Story: Delicate.

American Horror Story: Delicate, the latest instalment of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series, has officially kicked off – and everyone agrees Kim Kardashian is the moment, whatever you make of the reality star’s acting.

American Horror Story has a long and proud history of delivering deliciously camp moments. From Patti LuPone singing in a gay bathouse to sapphic icon Sarah Paulson playing an epic rotation of heroes and villains across the 12 seasons.

Now, the latest season – which premiered on 20 September and releases episodes weekly – is joining the legacy thanks to none other than reality star and business tycoon Kim Kardashian.

American Horror Story: Delicate – based on Danielle Valentine’s Rosemary’s Baby inspired horror novel Delicate Condition – stars Emma Roberts as Anna Alcott, an A-List Hollywood star gunning for an Oscar while trying to start a family with her husband Dexter Harding (Matt Czuchry).

As she grows increasingly paranoid that her pregnancy is being sabotaged by a malignant presence, portrayed by Cara Delevingne, she is coached through the choppy waters of international fame and a troubled pregnancy by her cutthroat but ever-loyal manager, Siobhan (Kim Kardashian).

Naturally, audiences were gagged and ready to see Kardashian’s major TV debut role in the upcoming season. Prior to this, avid fans may remember her stunning cameo in the 2008 Disaster Movie in which her character Lisa was hilariously crushed by a stray meteorite in the middle of the street.

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Given Kardashian’s track record for putting on high-camp reality TV moment, it’s no surprise she has done it again with her role as Siobhan.

In a scene shared by one X (formerly known as Twitter) user, we see Siobhan dish out some blunt facts to Anna about the dubious lengths her teams is going to to secure her client an Oscar.

“Do you know how hard my staff has worked for you? How many hours we’ve spent campaigning for this nomination?”, Siobhan declares. “How many blowjobs were collectively given for you to even be considered?

“I mean, Derek’s jaw may never recover.”

Another highlight sees Siobhan telling Anna her “face looks like a f**king cat’s asshole” and asking if she’d rather apply to work at “Costco” in a deadpan voice.

The litany of brutal barbs ends with Siobhan posing the most important question of all: “Do you think Jamie Lee Curtis liked walking those red carpets? Do you think she thought it was fun to get asked all these inane questions about being a nepo baby?”

Fans have reacted with delight at Kardashian’s delivery on social media, with one declaring: “She’s nailing the level of dead pan camp that AHS works well on.”

“Cause what if i said she’s delivered some of the best acting in this season thus far,” one fan wrote. Another said: “Unfortunately it’s so bad it has circled back to being good.”

American Horror Story: Delicate airs on FX every Wednesday in the US.