Stop whatever you’re doing because you can now ‘werk on RuPaul’s fracking ranch for the day’ with this viral Twitter game

RuPaul infront of fracking equipment

RuPaul’s “fracking” controversy has been immortalised in what may well be the greatest Twitter thread in human history.

Remember back in March when RuPaul revealed he was topping up his Drag Race income by “leasing mineral rights” on his 60,000 Wyoming ranch?

It was the moment RuPaul tripped the light fantastic from problematic-but-still-largely-respected icon territory into straight-up villainy, as fans suggested his careful choice of phrasing translated into the much simpler: “We be fracking.”

It also coincided with the moment the world manifested itself into the Bad Place, but let’s not read too much in to that.

Anyway, after weeks of fracking jokes and genuine concern over RuPaul’s apparent disregard for the planet, we’ve arrived at the obvious end point: a choose-your-own adventure “Werkin on RuPaul’s Frackin Ranch for the Day” game.

RuPaul ‘fracking’ game is nothing less than iconic.

Alex Paterson created the game after being inspired by a similar Beyoncé-themed choose-your-own adventure made by Landon Rivera, which went viral in June 2019.

Alex’s carefully-plotted game includes cameos from Drag Race icon Tammie Brown, Ellen DeGeneres and even JK Rowling, and is filled with iconic RuPaul references: think Glamazon Airways, the “Jealous of my Boogie” slap scene and RuPaul’s busted The Weakest Link mug.

The first test of the day is simple: choose between wearing a Hermes hard helmet or a Wig by Vanity “headshell”.

As the game continues the questions become steadily more outrageous. At one point in the game, players make it to RuCo Enterprise Labs and are asked to choose which chemical they’ll use to make fracking fluid.

The choices are: Amyl nitrate (poppers), gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) or methanol (an actual fracking fluid).

Choose the wrong answer and RuPaul might throw you down the fracking hole. Play your cards right and you’ll be named America’s Next Drag Fracking Star.

You can play the game below.