Tommy Dorfman and Pabblo Vittar among stars stripping down to their Calvin Kleins for kaleidoscopic new Pride campaign

Calvin Klein: Pabblo Vittar stars in kaleidoscopic new Pride campaign

Pabblo Vittar, Tommy Dorfman and Chella Man are among the stars who’ve stripped off for Pride in Calvin Klein’s latest campaign.

Pride month may be cancelled this year, but Calvin Klein is still celebrating the LGBT+ community.

Today Calvin Klein released a new campaign, featuring nine LGBT+ campaigners from around the world photographed by Ryan McGinley for #PROUDINMYCALVINS.

Pabblo Vittar – who is arguably the most popular drag queen in the world, with twice as many Instagram followers as RuPaul, more than 1 billion views on YouTube, and a pair of heavily-streamed, bop-filled albums – told PAPER magazine about being in her first global fashion campaign for Pride month.

“It’s different because last year I just did so many concerts and met so many people who love me, who care about me and this year with quarantine, everybody is celebrating at home,” she said.

“But don’t forget we will always be here like family, like a rainbow, you know, everybody has a colour.”

On working with McGinley, Vittar said: “I feel so honored to work with an amazing artist, who respects me and makes me feel confident.

“I’m so happy because it’s a win for the community, I hope that other girls and other boys are inspired by this and to believe in their dreams and never forget because bitch, I’m here! A global campaign!”

In an official statement McGinley said: “The theme of the campaign is taking pride in everything that makes you unique.

“Using a cast and crew that spans the full LGBTQ+ spectrum, we wanted to make sure that the entire community feels represented, included and celebrated.”

Deaf, trans model and actor Chella Man – who plays Jericho in the second season of DC Universe’s live-action series Titans – was also part of the Calvin Klein shoot.

The other stars who stripped down to their underwear for the Calvin Klein shoot were model and activists Ama Elsesser, model and poet Reece King, model and actor Tommy Dorfman, artist Gia Woods, model and actor Mina Gerges, activist Jari Jones, and Chella Man’s partner, the photographer MaryV.

“My goal is always to create honest photos that connect to the viewer on a human level and show the subject’s power and vulnerability as human beings,” added McGinley.

“This mix is perhaps my most core value as an artist.”

Calvin Klein partnered with international LGBT+ rights charity OutRight for the shoot, to raise funds for the COVID-19 LGBTQ emergency fund.