Lady Gaga says Chromatica takes her ‘extremely painful’ past and works it all out on the dance floor

Lady Gaga has hinted that Chromatica might her most raw album yet. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Lady Gaga said Chromatica was born from her past pain, revealing that she hopes the album will inspire people to get up and dance.

In an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music Beats 1, the “Stupid Love” hitmaker explained how she’s channelling her “extremely painful” past relationships into her upcoming sixth studio album.

Casual reminder that Lady Gaga’s Chromatica drops in eight calendar days, on May 29. Freak out, freak out, freak out, et cetera.

Chromatica will ‘help’ people who has experienced the pain of love. 

A candyfloss pink-haired Lady Gaga told Zane Lowe that Chromatica will dive deep into her relationship history and that the process of transforming her heartache into music has been healing for her.

Asked by Lowe what brought her back to the studio after four years, she said: “The sound, the music, being myself.

“How can I take something that’s extremely painful for me and find the one piece of it that’s universally human and help somebody else? And then see what it sounds like.”

She then read out the lyrics to “Free Woman”, a Chromatica song you, reader, definitely have not listened to after it definitely did not leak back in May, as that would be wrong.

“I’m not nothing without a steady hand,” she read, “I’m not nothing unless I know I can.

“I’m still something if I don’t got a man, I’m a free woman.”

Lady Gaga tells Zane Lowe: ‘I’m making a dance record again and this dance floor… it’s mine.’

Lowe was — as is his legal obligation — taken aback by the song. “This album is a reclaiming of the dance floor,” the Apple Music host remarked.

Lady Gaga, a wellspring of inspirational quotes, replied: “I’m making a dance record again and this dance floor… it’s mine, I earned it, and all that stuff that I went through.

“I don’t have to feel pain about it anymore, it can just be apart of me and I can keep going,”

Lady Gaga has, in the past, been outspoken about her rocky road when it comes to love, having ended engagements to actor Taylor Kinney and talent agent Christian Carino.

She is currently seeing investor Michael Polansky.