Oh, what’s this? Just a video of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande getting ‘soaking wet’ while giving a Chromatica weather update

When it rains, it pours according to weather girls Lady Gaga (L) and Ariana Grande (R). (screen capture via YouTube)

Meteorologists Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, fresh from inventing condensed moisture in the atmosphere falling visibly in separate drops, are now adding a new job to their LinkedIn profiles: weather girls.

Last week, the pair teamed up to save pop music – for aeons held hostage by Pabst Blue Ribbon-sipping straight men armed with guitars they bought on Craigslist – by releasing their duet, “Rain On Me”.

It immediately ascended to the heavens themselves, otherwise called the number one slot. And in the deluge of Little Monsters and Arianators streaming the song, Gaga and Grande dropped a weather report Tuesday evening (May 27).

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are ‘thirsty’ for ‘Rain On Me’ and, honestly, same.

Reporting of recent downpours from their Los Angeles and Beverly Hills homes respectively, the clip, released in partnership with the Weather Channel, explaining how they’re both “soaking wet” as a result.

Gaga, 34, holds a Weather Channel umbrella as rainwater falls on her, telling viewers in her best generic newscaster voice: “It was beautiful just yesterday, but wow have things changed.

“Today it is pouring rain. We are soaking wet and while some are complaining of the recent downpour, we would like to celebrate the rain.”

Wearing a white cut-out bodysuit, jewel-encrusted sunglasses and pink hair, Gaga then passes over to Grande where it’s absolutely raining inside her home. Yes.

Lady Gaga holding an umbrella as her assistant pours water from a hose on her, or a work of art? (Screen capture via YouTube)

Lady Gaga holding an umbrella as her assistant pours water from a hose on her, or a work of art? (Screen capture via YouTube)

“Rain on me, tsunami,” Grande says, quoting the song of now religious importance. “Water like misery, but the people are still going.”

“So true, Ariana!,” Gaga responds. “The world is rising up in a massive act of kindness to celebrate the rain the world so desperately needs to quench the thirst of the Earth.

“Are we thirsty or what?”

“Oh, we are thirsty,” Grande hits back, speaking as a medium for her entire thirsty fanbase.

The forecasters then predicted the rain to continue all summer long, “but hopefully, it will be positive”, they then both say out of sync from one another.

The footage then gradually zooms out, revealing that, in a plot twist nobody, absolutely nobody saw coming, the rain featured is not real. Repeat, not real.

Instead, it’s Grande’s boyfriend Dalton Gomez and a mask-wearing assistant holding hoses spouting water on the stars.

Twitter is ready for the rain to pour down on them.

The absolute surreal, clunky nature of the clip quickly swept over Twitter, as fans began pleading that Grande and Gaga be nominated for every Oscar for their phenomenal acting.