To the surprise of nobody, police going head-to-head with Black Lives Matter protesters have been caught on camera using homophobic slurs

Police investigate cop for homophobic slur at Black Lives Matter protest

A Chicago police officer has been caught on camera using a homophobic slur during a confrontation with Black Lives Matter protester rallying against the killing of George Floyd.

The video circulating on social media appears to have been taken during recent protests in Chicago against George Floyd’s killing.

It sees a police officer walking away from a confrontation with Black Lives Matter protesters when a projectile is thrown.

The officer, who does not appear to be injured, yells at the protesters: “B**ch! Wait ’till I turn my back, you f**king f****t!”

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Chicago drag queen Kim Passable wrote: “White gays who’ve been silent so far… if it takes you till this to be angry, shame on you, but hey come join.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “I would like the cop defending Twitter gays who just logged on to defend brunch over human life to see this a million times.”

One Black Lives Matter supporter wrote: “Cops using the F-slur! Remember gays: STONEWALL WAS A RIOT!”

PinkNews has contacted Chicago Police Department for comment.

The Chicago Police officer was caught on camera shouting a homophobic slur

The police officer was caught on camera shouting a homophobic slur

Chicago is one of dozens of cities across the US which have seen angry protests following the killing of George Floyd, who died while being forcefully restrained by a police officer in Minneapolis last Monday (May 25).

Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is facing a charge of third-degree murder over the death, while three more officers remain under investigation. A separate federal probe is also underway.

Queer voices make clear: ‘Black Lives Matter’

The movement has led many queer people of colour to call on the LGBT+ community to speak up.

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen made clear: “‘I’m just not political’ is so over. That time has passed. We need to hear your voices now. While you ‘find your voice’ black people are being killed everyday. EVERYDAY. Trans people are being murdered back to back. It doesn’t have to be poetry. Just sat it. BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Todrick Hall wrote: “All of you people saying that these riots aren’t the answer had no solutions when people were creating hashtags, protesting civilly and filming injustice to hold you accountable. If you were silent then plz put yourself on vocal rest now. Or speak out against racism! Periodt.”