Google’s spreadsheet program has an adorable Pride Month hack. Yes, a spreadsheet is doing more to celebrate Pride than Donald Trump

Google Sheets is doing more for Pride Month than Donald Trump

Google’s spreadsheet program Google Sheets is officially doing more to celebrate Pride Month than Donald Trump with an adorable new hack.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users were quick to notice that, when you type the letters of “Pride”, putting each letter separately in the top five cells, Google Sheets takes on the colours of the Pride flag.

The Google Sheets gimmick obviously isn’t going to change anyone’s lives or advance LGBT+ rights, but it’s a cute reminder that it is, in fact, still Pride Month – even if most Pride marches have been cancelled.

Google Sheets is doing more for LGBT+ people this Pride Month than Donald Trump.

And, to give Google some credit, they’ve managed to do more for LGBT+ visibility than Donald Trump, the president of the United States, has done so far this month.

Trump has been keeping himself busy recently with mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic and responding to Black Lives Matter protesters with violence and aggression – so naturally, he has completely failed to acknowledge Pride Month.

But he has found time to attack Joe Biden and retweet Elon Musk.

Yesterday, he even took a minute to tweet his famous slogan “Make America Great Again” (but written all in capitals, obviously).

Trump’s failure to acknowledge Pride Month is not an unfamiliar sight to the LGBT+ community. He completely ignored the occasion for his first two years in the White House, before finally breaking his silence last year to announce his administration’s “global campaign to decriminalise homosexuality”.

However, critics immediately seized on how Trump has done more to dismantle LGBT+ rights in the nation than improve.

One Twitter user contrasted the difference between former president Barack Obama and Trump’s approach to LGBT+ rights with a pair of photographs.

In 2015, the White House was splashed with the colours of the Pride flag. While in 2020, it was shrouded by darkness.

Joe Biden was able to find the time to pay tribute to the LGBT+ community this Pride Month.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden – Trump’s opponent in the upcoming presidential election – took time to pay tribute to trailblazing LGBT+ activists to mark Pride Month.

Marking Pride Month on June 1, Biden – who has been endorsed by many major LGBT+ rights groups – paid tribute to the recently-deceased queer rights heroes Larry Kramer, Aimee Stephens and Lorena Borjas.

Biden accused Donald Trump and Mike Pence of using the White House “as a literal bully pulpit to undermine LGBT+ rights,” adding: “They have given safe harbour to white supremacists and other forms of hate. Predictably, we’ve experienced a rise in hate crimes targeting LGBT+ people.”

So, Google Sheets – well done, you’re officially doing more for LGBT+ people than the president of the United States.