Singer Lapsley comes out ‘with pride’ as bisexual while candidly revealing her struggles with sexuality


Lapsley came out as bisexual in a frank, emotional Instagram post on the penultimate day of Pride Month.

The British singer-songwriter spoke candidly about her sexuality, something she said she has struggled to do until now.

“I am so open in my writing but often find it difficult to be as confident being vulnerable on my social media platforms,” Lapsley wrote.

“My sexuality is something I have struggled with understanding and accepting since I was a teenager and through a mixture of teenage trauma, the local culture and moments of bullying I associated anything to do with my sexual behaviour and sexual identity as being shameful.

“So although my close friends and some family have been aware. I come out to the world, now, with pride, as a bisexual womxn.”

Lapsley returned to music earlier this year with her second album, Through Water.

It was trailed by the single “Womxn” – using an alternate spelling of “women” preferred by some feminists for its distance from the word “men”, and seen as more inclusive of trans women and non-binary people.

The song alluded to Lapsley’s struggles with her identity, including the lyrics: “There’s a woman inside saying this is the truth.

“I wonder what to say to her / I question where I wanna be.

“I stop judging her / I tell her who I wanna be.”

Pride Month empowers stars to come out as queer.

Lapsley is one of a number of stars who have used Pride Month to claim their place in the LGBT+ community.

Fleabag star Ben Aldridge announced on Instagram June 27 that he is a “proud” queer man, writing: “The journey to pride was a long one for me. I love the LGBT+ community and am incredibly proud and thankful to be a part of it. So much won.”

Hairspray actor Nikki Blonsky used TikTok to tell the world that she is gay, lip-syncing to Diana Ross’ iconic “I’m Coming Out”.

And Pearl Mackie, who played lesbian companion Bill Potts on Doctor Who, said she was “proud to be bisexual” on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself hugging a rainbow heart.