Drag Race All Star India Ferrah spills the tea on her explosive confrontation with Alexis Matteo – and whether she was telling the truth

India Ferrah and Alexis Matteo

Drag Race star India Ferrah has spilled the tea on her confrontation with Alexis Matteo.

All Stars 5 viewers were left gagging last week when India alleged that Alexis and Mayhem Miller had campaigned against frontrunner Shea Coulée, igniting the most dramatic half-hour of the series to date.

India was labelled a liar by Alexis, but following her elimination, she is adamant she told the truth.

“It’s absolutely the truth. I will live that truth until the day I die,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

India claimed to have receipts, saying “it was mainly Alexis” who campaigned against Shea.

“Mayhem didn’t say much other than that she voted for Shea as well,” she said, claiming that Alexis came to her “on the side of the stage” and asked: “So, did you vote her out? Are we getting rid of her?”

“I was like, ‘what, who?’ and she said Shea, and I said ‘Shea doesn’t deserve to go home, she’s competition. Why would I send her home?'”

India Ferrah knew her time on Drag Race was up.

As to why she waited until she was in clear danger of being eliminated to speak up, India said that she knew it was her time to go, but “wasn’t going to leave with another dark cloud over me”.

“I wanted Shea to hear my truth and know who she was playing against,” she added.

After her confrontation with Alexis – who she called a “good actress” – India said there’s no love lost between the queens.

“I don’t know if people think we’re best friends because we were on season thee, but we weren’t that close.

“We did bookings together and crossed paths, but it was never a best friend scenario. Her getting that upset over it, like, that was a fool, girl.”

In the end, Shea eliminated India over Alexis and the other bottom queens. India says she didn’t take her decision as a judgement on her own truthfulness, but rather Shea being “completely real”.

“I knew my Snatch Game was bad and I didn’t deserve to be there anymore. I can accept that,” she said.