Wrestling star Cody Rhodes emphatically lays the smackdown on homophobe ahead of title match with gay wrestler

Cody Rhodes pro-wrestler homophobic sonny kiss

Professional wrestling star Cody Rhodes has absolutely destroyed a homophobic fan who took issue with a gay wrestler taking part in an upcoming match.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) announced yesterday (July 12) that TNT champion Cody Rhodes will face off against gay wrestler Sonny Kiss in a title match at the Fight for the Fallen TV special this Wednesday (July 15).

The news was met with excitement from many wrestling fans – but, needless to say, some took issue with Kiss making the line-up.

Pro-wrestling star Cody Rhodes slammed a homophobic fan who targeted Sonny Kiss.

Kiss, who is openly gay and uses both he and she pronouns, immediately faced horrific homophobic abuse from some fans – and one tweet in particular stood out to Rhodes.

And he wasn’t prepared to let the homophobic abuse slide.

Rhodes, who has almost one million followers on Twitter, shared the offending tweet – which called Sonny Kiss a ‘faggot’, and has since been deleted – and wrote: “This is terrible. And you’re not worth the signal boost.”

He added: “But I’ll make this clear to fans worldwide. If you have a problem with a gay man receiving a title shot, you can kiss my a**.

“I’m proud to share the ring with Sonny.”

Rhodes has been inundated with praise from fans for standing up against homophobic abuse.

Rhodes has won praise from wrestling fans for taking the time to stand up against homophobic abuse on Kiss’s behalf.

One fan commented: “I really want to thank you for taking the time to say this, even if it means giving this person a moment of spotlight. The more important message is seeing athletes on the roster who are constantly receiving hate get supported and you telling everyone this is not okay.”

Another said: “As a gay woman… thank you for sticking up for our type. Sonny is an awesome person and great in the ring with a huge upside. And you response is exactly what we need.”

One fan simply said: “Sonny is amazing and 100 per cent deserves this shot! I can’t wait for this match,” while another said: “Sonny Kiss is dope. F**k the haters.”