Yet another rich, white celebrity, Ashton Kutcher, has defended Ellen DeGeneres as bullying allegations reach boiling point

Ashton Kutcher Ellen DeGeneres

Ashton Kutcher is the latest rich, white celebrity to jump to the defence of Ellen DeGeneres as accusations of bullying reach a boiling point.

DeGeneres’ reputation has been torn to shreds over the last week as her popular daytime talkshow faces allegations of racism, bullying and sexual misconduct from former and current staffers.

As more and more past workers join the fray, numerous celebrities who have appeared on her show have leapt to her defence – and Ashton Kutcher is the latest.

“I haven’t spoken with The Ellen Show and can only speak from my own experience,” Kutcher wrote on Twitter.

“She and her team have only ever treated me and my team with respect and kindness. She never pandered to celebrity which I always saw as a refreshing honesty.

“When things aren’t right she handles it and fixes.”

Ashton Kutcher has been roundly criticised after he jumped to the defence of Ellen DeGeneres.

The That ’70s Show star has faced a barrage of criticism for defending the embattled talkshow host.

“I get celebrity friends coming out in defence of Ellen to an extent,” wrote one Twitter user. “And I like Ellen. But… employees are complaining about their work experience there. Can that be understood? No one knows what it’s like but them. It’s invalidating what *they* experienced on a regular basis.”

Kutcher responded to the tweet, simply saying: “I understand.”

Another wrote: “Oh she treated billionaire A list guests well? You don’t say,” to which Kutcher responded by saying he is “not a billionaire”.

“It extends to my team and people she didn’t even know I work with,” he added.

Another Twitter user replied: “Ashton the point is not her team handled a celebrity but how their team behaved with their own members. Get it?”

Kutcher replied to that tweet too, saying: “I get it. I also feel people should be held accountable for THEIR actions.”

The actor was accused of minimising the concerns of workers on the show.

One viral reply lambasted Kutcher and other wealthy Hollywood actors for ignoring the issues raised by staff on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I think it’s funny how all of you (rich) celebrities are working so, so hard to minimise the valid concerns of working class people trying to hold their workplace accountable. And by funny, I mean completely predictable.

“You all forget who buys tickets to your movies?”

Countless others have hit out at the star over his defence of DeGeneres.

Last week it was revealed that WarnerMedia had launched an investigation into DeGeneres’ talkshow following claims from staff that the set is “dominated by fear”.

Three Ellen producers have been accused of groping and grooming junior staff members, asking employees for sex and creating an atmosphere of intimidation.

The star has long been plagued by rumours of “notoriously mean” behaviour behind the cameras, seemingly at odds with her famously sunny disposition.

The allegations have intensified as several reports of a toxic workplace environment surfaced over the past four months.

DeGeneres apologised to staff last week, saying she would seek to “correct the issues” moving forward.

But she may not be moving forward at all, with the Daily Mail reporting that she is considering shutting down the show to “recover her personal brand”.

Since the allegations have emerged, various celebrity friends have rushed to her defence, including Katy Perry, Diane Keaton and Kevin Hart.