TikTok star who threw a huge birthday party despite COVID-19 allegedly threw out two women because they’re trans

Bryce Hall

Two influencers have accused the controversial TikTok star Bryce Hall of kicking them out of his house party because they are transgender.

As the pandemic continues raging across the US, Hall celebrated his 21st birthday with a massive house party in LA which was reportedly attended by over a hundred maskless guests. The party ended at around 4am when it was shut down by the LAPD.

Trans influencers Stassie Huff and Leah Skye were invited by a friend, but claim they were ordered to leave after Hall stated they weren’t “real girls”.

Huff told The Hollywood Fix: “Me and my homegirl went to a party at the house, and [Hall] came up to my best friend who was born a girl, and was like, ‘Why didn’t you bring real girls?’ And he made us leave.”

They described how the party atmosphere “immediately changed” when they arrived, making them feel unwelcome before they’d even had the opportunity to introduce themselves.

“We walked into the party for like five seconds and automatically all eyes were on us,” Skye said. “The goal of the night was just to make us uncomfortable. And literally [Hall] kicked us out for being trans.”

She added their friend hadn’t previously mentioned that they were trans because it shouldn’t have mattered. “My medical history isn’t anyone else’s business,” Huff said.

Hall, who has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and almost 10 million on TikTok, was reportedly prompted by his management to speak to the pair the next day. But Huff and Skye say they didn’t feel it was sincere and dismissed it as “damage control”.

“The only point he made was that his management had told him to come up to us, and he never apologised,” Skye said. “He just said: ‘I’m not transphobic.'”

They urged Hall to apologise and educate himself. “You have this big following and you’re just treating people like sh*t,” Skye said.

Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall has previously had to apologise to the LGBT+ community (YouTube/Bryce Hall)

Bryce Hall has previously shown an apparent disregard for the LGBT+ community. In June he attracted backlash for an offensive tweet suggesting that ‘heterophobia’ is spreading on social media.

“What is ‘straight’ TikTok and why does everyone hate it,” he said in a now-deleted tweet. “We are on the cusp of ending homophobia and now we’re introducing heterophobia? What the f**k is 2020.”

He was forced to apologise as many of his followers accused him of being dismissive of the issues faced by LGBT+ people.

“Girl, ‘heterophobia’ is not a thing,” one Twitter user informed him. “No straight person has feared for their lives because they are straight. And they have not been murdered for being straight, and homophobia is not on the cusp of going away.”

The incident came just days after Hall promised to be “unproblematic for at least another week” following his arrest for possession of marijuana. He spent a day in a jail cell and later told People that the experience changed his perspective on life and pushed him to grow.

“It dawned on me what a huge platform and responsibility I have — especially with my younger fans,” he said at the time.

PinkNews has contacted Bryce Hall for comment.