Bachelorette star Angie Kent comes out as pansexual while batting away disgustingly invasive questions about her sex life

Angie Kent. (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for AFI)

Australian Bachelorette star Angie Kent came out as pansexual on live radio on Wednesday (9 September) while batting away questions about her sex life.

Kent appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show to discuss why she and her Bachelorette winner Carlin Sterritt broke up and was subjected to a line of invasive questioning by controversial host Kyle Sandilands – a white cis man who once said Sam Smith’s pronouns mean he can “use the N-word because he’s a Black woman”.

Referencing the hit reality show, Sandilands asked: “You dated 20 blokes, broke up with four blokes, kept one, that didn’t work… have you ever been with a woman?”

“I’ve always said since I was younger, I fall in love with a soul rather than a gender,” Kent said.

Sandilands pressed on: “So you’re open to women, but you’ve never kissed a girl though?”

Kent joked that she has kissed women before because “there’s nothing else to do” at home on the Sunshine Coast.

“That would make you pansexual then?” co-host Jackie O responded.

“Yeah, there you go,” Kent calmly replied.

Sandilands refused to relent, asking: “You’ve never been with a woman so how do you know if that might turn you off?”

“You don’t know – I think it would come down to the chemistry,” she hit back.

Continuing his line of questioning, Sandilands asked whether Kent had ever been in a sexual “party” situation with other women, referred to queer Bachelor star Vakoo Kauapirura as “the black girl”, before before changing tack.

Bachelorette star Angie Kent reflects on her dating history after coming out as pansexual. 

Discussing her ex, Angie Kent explained that her relationship with Sterritt ended early July after 10 months because their “values didn’t align”.

“I’m more spiritual, carefree and wild, whereas he’s a Christian boy,” she mused. “We’re just different.”

Sterritt gave his own version of events recently on the podcast How to Life.

The 32-year-old personal trainer revealed that tension was ratcheted up when he found that Kent was texting show runner-up Timm Haley, cratering his confidence.

“She really cared for Tim,” Sterritt said. “They were kind of messaging a little bit afterwards.

“I was trying to play it cool, like, ‘It’s fine, it’s all good’. I was trying to be nice and I was trying to do the right thing.”

“And then more and more, her and Timm messaging each other, it just started to really eat me away.”