Drag Race icon Crystal Methyd talks sending nudes to RuPaul for a spot on All Stars and exploring her gender identity

Crystal Methyd

Drag Race star Crystal Methyd discussed pronouns and sending nudes to RuPaul for a spot on All Stars in a new interview.

Crystal Methyd revealed she is determined to beat her top three spot with a round on All Stars.

The Missouri queen was the underdog of season 12, beating off competition from more established queens to finish as a runner-up.

Naturally, Crystal is chomping at the bit to go back and do better, returning to the werk room for a future All Stars season.

Speaking to Gaydio Breakfast with Dean McCullough, Crystal said that as a perfectionist, she has regrets over her season 12 run.

“When I watch back I’m like, ‘Well I wish I’d pulled my wig down a little bit or… just little things where I would have changed this, I would have changed that.”

But, she said: “That’s what I guess All Stars is for, to go back fully-formed.”

Crystal Methyd in the Untucked lounge

Crystal Methyd in the Drag Race: Untucked season 12 lounge. (WOW)

When asked if she’d emailed RuPaul about an All Stars return, Crystal said she’d gone one better.

“I have his personal phone number so we chat about it all the time. He was sexting me earlier,” she joked.

Though RuPaul “never sends pictures” because he’s a “gentleman” – Crystal said she’d do “anything for Mr Paul” – and for All Stars, for that matter.

Drag Race star Crystal Methyd is exploring they/them pronouns out of drag.

During the interview Crystal also touched on her gender identity, something she didn’t really discuss during Drag Race.

“I would just say gender’s not real,” she said.

“It can be whatever you want. It’s so weird to me now, especially being so popular as a drag queen, always being called Crystal always being called she. It doesn’t feel weird but sometimes I’m like… am I a he? I don’t know. It all gets mixed and jumbled.”

While Crystal goes by she/her while in drag, she was recently asked for her pronouns out of drag by a doctor, and found herself asking to be referred to as they/them for the first time.

“I’ve never been asked before, I’m just going to see how it goes.”

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